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Prayers for the month of December


Prayers for the month of December

Wed 22 Nov 2023 PM | Thu 30 Nov 2023 PM


During the month of December, Christians pay particular attention to the following events: Christmas (celebration of the birth of Jesus) and Mary's Immaculate Conception. 

For Christians, the weeks of Advent are the most important times for spiritual meditation to welcome the birth of the Saviour into our hearts.

Advent is the period during which the faithful prepare themselves inwardly to celebrate Christmas.

Christians also prepare for the transition to the New Year. Forgiveness, reconciliation, purification, requests for special graces for the New Year, blessings... these are just some of the things that people are asking for.

Below, suggests some prayers to inspire you during the month of December.




Prayers for the month of December




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Prayers at random:

● Prayer for a new year filled with success
●Prayer to the Good Saint Anne(Prayer of John Paul II)
●Prayer to the Virgin of Childbirth
●Prayer to Saint Marguerite of Youvilleto obtain an audacious faith, an invincible hope, a universal charity.
●PRAYER TO OUR LADY OF FATIMATo be said in case of all illnesses
●Prayer to Saint Lucy or Lucia (#1) against falling teeth
●Prayer of offeringand love of the Curé d'Ars
●Prayer to Saint Apolloniafor all head or facial pains, and especially for toothache
●The Siddhi Festival that fulfils all wishes: an aspiration prayer to Orgyen Rinpoche
●Prayer to Saint Urbanagainst heart pain
●Prayer For PatienceIn the Workplace
●Psalm 29 :Thanksgiving after deliverance from great peril and in all physical and moral illnesses. To get a clear conscience. In favor of a happy old age.
●Prayer to break the bewitchmentsthrough the prophecy of Saint Ezekiel
●Prayer of Joyful ThanksgivingTo My Lord
●Visitto the Blessed Sacrament 3
●Prayer of Simeonthe New Theologian
●Prayer to the Most Holy TRINITYto obtain graces through the intercession of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus
●SUPPLY TO SAINT ANNEFor a life of holiness
●Psalm 52 :Against atheists, corrupters, tyrants and oppressors.
●Prayer to Saint Casilda of Toledofor the healing of blood flow and all hemorrhages
●Invocations in favour of the souls of Purgatory
●Prayer to Saint Odilonin favour of the deceased
●Psalm 83Hymn of the repentant pagan who finds in the Church the house of God.
●Repentance Prayer
●18 Prayers for Overcoming Anger,Resentment and Bitterness
●Psalm 123 :Against the barbaric enterprises of the wicked. Against wild beasts. Against blood diseases.

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