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Through this section of called "FILES: PRACTICAL CASES", we would like to offer you advice and suggestions regarding the real difficulties that people encounter every day. In this context, you are also invited to participate by sharing with others the procedure used to solve such and such a problem with the help of God through prayer. The aim is to enable other people living in the same situations that you have overcome through prayer to be inspired by your methods and to be able to overcome them too.


The files are grouped into different themes: finding a job, meeting your soul mate, getting married, having a harmonious married life, freeing yourself from addictions, overcoming enemies, breaking negative ties and other bad spells, protecting your job, winning a lawsuit, protecting your family, silencing slander, overcoming jealousy, earning money...


This list is not exhaustive. You can also suggest themes according to your needs or what you observe around you. As human beings, we basically have almost all the same needs and also encounter many of the same difficulties. You may be surprised to know that what you are experiencing, other people like you are also experiencing in all four corners of the world, regardless of their religion, skin colour, ethnicity or tribe, world view, political views, etc. We invite you (anonymously of course!), to share your different experiences of the power of prayer in your daily life.

If you are on the website, it is because you believe in the power of prayer. And you are right to believe in it. Because you have already had experiences in your life that have reinforced this belief. Prayer should be the basis of all our actions. Whatever we do, prayer should take first place.








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