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The 100 most viewed prayers





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Prayers at random:

● Prayer for a new year filled with success
●Prayer to Saint Gertrude of Helfta or Gertrude the Greatagainst diabetes
●Prayer to thank God for the gift of holy faith(By Saint Alphonsus of Liguori)
●Litanies in honour of the Holy Angels
●Psalm 5 :If you have a case to be resolved in court and you need the favor of a magistrate or a prince
●Psalm 10For the protection of travellers and their property
●Prayerfor exams success
●A prayer for the tiresome days
●Prayer to Saint John the Baptist
●invocation to Saint John Francis Regisfor the healing of fractures
●Prayer to Saint Latuinusfor the healing of aerophagia
●Psalm 17 :To obtain his eternal salvation and obtain a good death. Against fires, floods, calamities like plague, volcanic eruptions, storms and hail. Against the ignorant and the proud.
●Prayer to Saint JulianDriver's license
●Psalm 121 :Psalm of trust in God who will bring us peace, justice and prosperity.
●Psalm 4 : For success or luck
●Prayer of Liberationthrough Blessing
●Litanies of Saint Rita
●Prayer to Saint Salomonefor the protection of pregnant women and mothers
●Psalm 110 :Praise be to the Lord for his blessings. The word is food for the soul. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.
●Prayer to Saint Philomenafor eternal salvation
●Prayer to Saint Flaviafor great graces and healing
●Affirmation Abundance Prayerfor Prosperity
●Prayer of May 30 : Prayer of Thierry Fourchaud
●Morning PrayerFor Inner Peace #2
●Prayer to Saint Constantinefor the union of spouses, the family agreement
●Psalm 72To keep out of poverty

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