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Prayers against bad luck


Prayers against bad luck

Thu 27 Apr 2023 PM | Thu 27 Apr 2023 PM


Bad luck is a phenomenon that each of us has certainly experienced. It manifests itself in various ways in our daily lives. Whether it is in the professional, family, emotional or relational sphere, bad luck, can affect all aspects of human life. Its basis is spiritual. And it manifests itself in life in different ways and its key word is FAILURE.


When almost everything you do almost always fails, even though you have the necessary skills and assets or have put in place all the elements needed for success, there is a high probability that it is bad luck

Many people, because of bad luck, live in constant anxiety, stress and frustration. 



What can be done to get rid of bad luck or bad luck?

There is no power above that of GOD. Whatever you are going through, never give up hope. Seek first to adopt a positive frame of mind and tell yourself that GOD has never abandoned any of His children. Persevere in your efforts and in prayer. 


Below are links to some prayers against bad luck.



Prayers against bad luck




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●Psalm 140:to calm the discord or hatred, which has arisen between man and woman

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