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Prayer for a new year filled with success

Updated : Thu 26 Jan 2023 PM (UTC +1)

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Luck Success against bitter enemies New Year
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One year has just come to an end, leaving the place to another. For the one that has just ended, we certainly have joys and sorrows, completed or unfinished projects, ups and downs... We wish to place this new year that is beginning under the protection and blessing of the Most High.


My God, I bow down to You today first to praise You. Praise you for creating me and for sending me on a mission to this earth. You alone, O my God, know everything. Everything you do is good and fair.

I thank you in this new year for keeping the breath of life in me, because the mission you have entrusted to me has not yet been completed. Only you know her very well. I would like that by your grace and your infinite love, that I could know also very well, what is my true mission on this earth so that I can better accomplish it.



Pour l’année qui vient de s’achever, j’ai certes commis des erreurs et je demande pardon. Je te demande pardon parce que j’ai péché, j’ai transgressé tes lois, j’ai succombé aux tentations, j’ai fait ce qui n’est pas agréable à tes yeux. J’ai peut-être causé du tort à mes semblables sans m’en rendre compte. Je te prie de ne pas regarder la multitude infinie de mes transgressions, mais de me pardonner toutes ces fautes afin que je puisse commencer cette nouvelle année, rayonnant de ta lumière infinie et la diffusant tout autour de moi, partout où je serai, en pensées, en paroles et en actions.

Comme tu me pardonnes, Ô Père Tout-Puissant, je te demande de m’accorder la grâce de pardonner aussi à toutes les personnes qui m’ont offensé ; que mon cœur soit libéré de toute rancune, de toute haine ou vengeance à cause des frustrations ou offenses subies et dont les plaies sont encore ouvertes ou tardent à cicatriser.

Libère-moi, Ô mon Dieu, de mes égoïsmes et de mes jalousies afin que je puisse diffuser uniquement l’amour et la paix tout autour de moi, dans mes relations avec mes semblables.

Ô mon Dieu, tout ce que tu fais est bon. Tu n’as jamais rien fait au hasard. Les échecs, les abus et les frustrations que j’ai eu l’année qui vient de s’achever sont certainement des épreuves de la vie, « un examen » à passer afin que je puisse savoir quelle est ta volonté. Ô mon Dieu, fais-moi me rendre compte de ce qui juste et bon à faire.

Tu connais, Ô mon Dieu, du très profond de mon âme, quels sont les projets de ma vie. Aide-moi à les concrétiser selon ta très Sainte volonté. Donne-moi toujours la force de me relever à chaque fois que je trébucherai. Donne-moi la grâce de toujours aimer mes ennemis et de prier pour que ton amour infini touche leurs cœurs et que, transformés, ils diffusent aussi cet amour partout où ils seront.

Ô mon Dieu, donne-moi la force, l’intelligence et la sagesse nécessaires pour être toujours victorieux des embûches, des obstacles du malin et de tous ces suppôts.

Je place cette année pour moi-même, pour mes proches et pour le monde entier sous ta protection et ta bénédiction. Ta miséricorde et tes grâces sont infinies pour nous humains. Que ta volonté soit faite. Ainsi soit-il !

Notre Père…



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Cette prière en Français | Esta oración en Español |

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When you are lucky, things usually work out in the sense that you are more successful. You always arrive at the right time to benefit from this or that thing or situation. You meet the right people on your way. Generally speaking, you attract the right people, the right events...




It is true that there are people who are naturally born lucky. However, it also happens that bad people steal or turn this luck into bad luck.


How to attract luck?

Whether one is a believer or not, luck comes from the Most High. It is He who gives to those who ask for it, in one way or another. Our inner ways of being and doing play a big part in everything that happens to us.

There is an adage that says "If you draw the devil on the wall, he appears in your house".


If you want to attract luck to you, the work to be done starts within you. Learn to think positive first. When you pray, for example, really think about getting what you ask for. Believe. Have faith.


If you are experiencing repeated situations where you feel you are unlucky, offers prayers (psalms and other prayers) to enable you to ask the God-above-all to grant you luck in your projects or endeavours.

Think you have it and you will have it!


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We all seek success in everything we do. Whether it is in our studies, our career, our relationships with others or life in society in general, success is for many the key to happiness. The road to success has never been without obstacles, pitfalls and difficulties.



The obstacles that can stand between us and success can be diverse. They may be natural or they may emanate from the malicious will of some equally malicious individual.

It is therefore important for believers to implore, to seek divine help in order to counteract the action of malevolent forces that would try to prevent the attainment of the goals of success.

Excel in your efforts, but first pray for the support of the Most High who always accompanies any success. gathers, through the keyword success, all the useful prayers that will inspire you to address the Lord God who inevitably leads... to success.


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against bitter enemies

Bitter enemies seek to destroy you, to annihilate you. They are trying by all means to destroy you. For this, they use different means to achieve their objectives: slander, backbiting, theft, plots, bewitchment, attacking people who are dear to you, etc.

Prayer can help you face and overcome those bitter and ruthless enemies who, driven by hellish hatred, seek only your downfall or that of your loved ones.

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New Year

Towards the end of each year, far-sighted and believing people rely spiritually on those in whom they believe. Prayers for the New Year are intended to enable the believer to ask his or her Lord for the graces and blessings to generally have a better year.


Effective and proven prayers are offered here to enable you to start the New Year full of confidence and trust, under the good graces and protection of the Most High.


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DAK! | Fri 5 Mar 2021 PM a écrit :

Merci pour le partage de toutes les prières !



Myron | Mon 25 Apr 2022 AM a écrit :

Merci beaucoup pour le partage 


Vyrma | Thu 5 Jan 2023 AM a écrit :

Je suis contente d'avoir découvert votre site. C'est un trésor de prières ou chacun peut aller puiser là ou il a besoin.


Sylvie94 | Thu 26 Jan 2023 PM a écrit :

Merci c'est ce qu'il nous faut

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