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Psalm 2 : Against the danger of water and hurricane

Updated : Sat 13 Nov 2021 AM (UTC +1)

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If you are exposed to a danger of storm on the sea and your life is threatened, then recite this psalm very quickly while respecting the Holy Name: SMCADDEI which means: Mighty God. And immediately recite the prayer belonging to this psalm. After that write it all together on a piece of mud is with full confidence in the Almighty who sets the limits of the sea and retains his powers, then throw the piece of pot into the waves and you will see wonders. Because the waves will instantly cease their noise and the storm will calm down.
The words and letters that constitute this Holy Name are taken from RAGESCHU verse 1, NOSSEU verse 2, JESES verse 9.
The prayer is as follows:



Oh SCADDEI, mighty God, may it be in your holy will to put an end to the rage of the storm and the roaring of the waves and that the pride of the fury of the waves be cleared from our path and that we arrive safe and sound at our destination. Lead us, O merciful Father to health, for the Power and the Power are found with You alone. You are the only one who can help like this. You will surely help us for the honor and glory of your Name. Amen!

Psalm 2
Why this tumult among the nations, These vain thoughts among the peoples?
Why do the kings of the earth rise up and the rulers in league with them against the Lord and against his anointed? -
Let’s break their bonds, Let’s deliver ourselves from their chains! -
He who sits in the heavens laughs, the Lord laughs at them.
Then he speaks to them in his anger, He terrifies them in his fury:
It is I who anointed my king On Zion, my holy mountain!
I will publish the decree; The Lord said to me, You are my son! I fathered you today.
Ask of me, and I will give the heathen for an inheritance, the ends of the earth for a possession;
You will break them with an iron rod; you will break them like a potter's vessel.
And now, kings, behave with wisdom! Judges of the earth, receive instruction!
Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.
Kiss the son, lest he be angry, and you perish in your way, for his anger is quick to ignite. Happy are all those who trust in him!



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Cette prière en Français | Esta oración en Español |

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