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A Prayer for My Career

Updated : Tue 6 Jun 2023 AM (UTC +1)

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Allow God to define your priorities as defined by Christ and the apostles, including the workplace. Have you submitted your career to God, including how you do your job? Do you ask God every day for His leadership and power to do your job while depending on Him? You should talk with God daily about His will concerning your career choices. Before you begin your day and embark on your duties, start your day off with this prayer for your career:



Dear God, I thank you for my job.
You have provided me with steady income and I’m so thankful.
I pray that You watch over me today at work
and I pray that there are no accidents, so that everyone can go back to their homes.




I thank you that my job has provided an income to support me and my family.
I thank you for the provisions that You have given me.
I pray for safe travels to and from work
and I pray that You will use me as You see fit today for Your glory.




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Cette prière en Français | Esta oración en Español | Dieses Gebet auf Deutsch | Esta oração em português

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to God

To God, the being above all, nothing is impossible. Everything is possible with him. Whatever difficulties you find yourself in, trust in him, have faith. Pray to him and he will answer you.

Prayers addressed directly to God do not go through any intermediary. He receives them as they are. Some people prefer this type of prayer where they speak, in their hearts, directly to God.




God is present everywhere. Within us and without us. Even when we think we are alone, he is there. He sees us, he listens to us. He knows us better than we know ourselves.

Like a good father with his children, he is compassionate, merciful and always ready to forgive us our failings and sins.

Let us entrust ourselves to him, ask him for the grace to be a reflection of his love for mankind. Let us entrust ourselves to him and be attentive to the different signs and messages that he sends us every day, within us or outside us through our fellow human beings.


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Money as currency is an ambiguous reality. Opinions differ on its importance. But it is nonetheless of some importance in our present day and age for life. Since it is used in trade, in the purchase of goods, services and products that contribute to our development and happiness.

Whatever use (positive or negative) some people may make of it, we offer you prayers to help you earn money honestly. God's answer is always there, sometimes not in the way we expect.



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antes del trabajo

Entrusting your work, your profession, your daily tasks to God is a prerequisite for everything to go well. Great ideas, intuition, good words, etc. come from the Holy Spirit.

Here are some prayers that you can use to entrust to God your tasks so that you can always assume them successfully



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Well-being is what every human being naturally aspires to. The satisfaction of achieving the level of physical, psychological, social and spiritual balance that allows us to live a happy and fulfilling life is a permanent quest.



There are many obstacles to achieving well-being. Poverty, which prevents us from having our daily bread or a healthy diet, lack of regular physical activity, stress due to the vagaries of life, poor hygiene and tumultuous social relationships are all factors that hinder well-being.

To achieve and maintain permanent well-being, it is important to find a balance between work, rest and entertainment, and to engage in regular activities that involve well-being and personal development. 

Spirituality is also a very important way to help achieve and maintain permanent well-being. That is why we offer prayers on this subject to help you achieve permanent well-being.


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in the morning

Praying in the morning is an excellent habit to adopt by any good believer. Some people have developed this excellent habit of getting up early in the morning (at 4am, 5am...), usually before it is light, to pray.




By praying in the morning when you get up, you choose to meet God first, to honour Him, to put your day in His hands, to ask for all the graces and blessings you desire for yourself and for others.


When you pray regularly in the morning, you feed your spirit first. You prepare yourself better to face the different events of the day. You ask for and receive all the necessary elements to have an excellent day. offers you through this keyword, the prayers you can do in the morning, when you get up before starting your day.


Have the firm belief that whatever you ask for, you will receive!


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The family is the basic unit of society. When there is harmony in a family, its members reflect this harmony in their interactions with other families in society.

The prayers gathered here are meant to protect the family, to encourage each other to love their neighbour, peace, understanding and all that can be beneficial to society.



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Jesus Christ is a central figure in Christianity. He is regarded as the incarnation of God. 

The historical existence of Jesus is attested by archaeological research and by the accounts of Roman historians (Flavius Josephus, Tacitus, Suetonius).



At about the age of thirty, Jesus left Nazareth and began an itinerant public life. He calls his disciples and walks with them through Judea and Galilee. He teaches, he heals the sick, casts out demons, walks on water, forgives sins, raises the dead. He is attentive to children. He shares meals, a wedding party, pilgrimages to Jerusalem. He lives as a Jewish believer, goes to the synagogue, observes the Sabbath. He weeps, gets angry, experiences sadness, fatigue and thirst, compassion and even anguish. Jesus is known for his natural authority.

With all the miracles he performed, Jesus is the one to whom prayers should be addressed no matter what difficulties one faces.


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Protective prayers are prayers that aim to protect from the action of the forces of evil, as the name suggests. The minions of the evil one and all their spawn spend all their time attacking the children of God. By praying regularly for divine protection, you place yourself under the protection of the Most High, the One who is above all, the One before whom every knee bends. Thus, by praying the prayers of protection, God annihilates for you, in one way or another, all the attacks of malevolent forces.



By using God's power to protect you, you can embark on your endeavours with confidence that you will succeed, because God will deal with the negative forces that would try to harm you.

We all know the adage that says "the enemy never sleeps". gathers through the keyword protection, all the prayers of protection which can be useful for you for this or that situation of the life.

With these prayers, have recourse with assurance to the protection of the Almighty who will strike down all entities that would try to obstruct your projects and your undertakings.


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We all seek success in everything we do. Whether it is in our studies, our career, our relationships with others or life in society in general, success is for many the key to happiness. The road to success has never been without obstacles, pitfalls and difficulties.



The obstacles that can stand between us and success can be diverse. They may be natural or they may emanate from the malicious will of some equally malicious individual.

It is therefore important for believers to implore, to seek divine help in order to counteract the action of malevolent forces that would try to prevent the attainment of the goals of success.

Excel in your efforts, but first pray for the support of the Most High who always accompanies any success. gathers, through the keyword success, all the useful prayers that will inspire you to address the Lord God who inevitably leads... to success.


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