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Prayer of St. John Bosco to Mary Help of Christians

Updated : Sun 11 Jun 2023 AM (UTC +1)

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Saints Virgin Mary
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Saint John Bosco, the son of peasants from Piedmont, became a priest in 1841 and devoted his life to the education of the youth of Turin, who were left to their own devices. Don Bosco's pedagogy was based on trust, joy, play and charity, and his spirituality on the "three whitenesses": the Pope, the Eucharist and the Virgin Mary. To do good for young people," he says, "you must first love them. He soon found himself in charge of hundreds of unfortunate children and founded the Salesian congregation, whose vocation was to educate young people. It was approved by the Holy See in 1860 and spread throughout Europe. Don Bosco also created the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians for the education of girls. At the heart of the life of the man who was "one of the greatest glories of the Church in Italy" (Pius XI) was Primavera. (Pius XI) was Prayer: "He who prays deals with the most important thing of all", insisted St. John Bosco, "and he is the one who is the most important. St. John Bosco insists: "When you are playing, chatting or recreating, raise your mind to the Lord, offering these actions to Him".


Below is the Marian Prayer of "Don Bosco to Mary Help of Christians". A priest from Turin, St. John Bosco (1815-1888) dedicated his entire life to the young people of that city, but his vision extended far beyond Piedmont. This is why he founded the Congregation of the Salesians and the Congregation of Mary Help of Christians, which were at the service of young people not only in Europe, but also in the distant Tierra del Fuego.






O Mary, powerful Virgin, you are the great and illustrious protector of the Church; you are the wonderful helper of Christians; you are terrible like an army in battle. You alone have destroyed all heresies throughout the world; protect us in our distress, in our struggle and in our difficult defence against the enemy; and at the hour of our death, welcome our souls to Paradise. Amen.




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Cette prière en Français | Esta oración en Español | Dieses Gebet auf Deutsch | Esta oração em português

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