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Act of worship and thanksgiving to the Holy Trinity

Updated : Wed 14 Feb 2024 AM (UTC +1)

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Holy Spirit thanksgiving
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I adore you, Eternal Father, and I thank you for the infinite charity with which you deigned to send your only Son to redeem me and to be the food of my soul. I offer you all the acts of worship and thanksgiving of angels and saints in heaven and the righteous on earth. To praise you, love you, thank you, I borrow the acts of praise, love, recognition of your Son himself from the Most Blessed Sacrament. Make, I conjure you, that all the faithful know him, love him, venerate him, thank him and receive him with dignity in this divine Sacrament.
A Pater, an Ave Maria and a Gloria Patri.



I adore you, Eternal Son, and thank you for the infinite charity which has led you to incarnate for me, to be born in a stable, to live in a workshop, to endure hunger and thirst, hot and cold , miseries and sufferings, contempt, persecution, flogging, thorns, nails and death on the very hard wood of the cross. I thank you, with all the militant and triumphant Church, for the infinite charity with which you have instituted the Blessed Sacrament to be the nourishment of my soul. I adore you in all the consecrated hosts of the world. I also thank you for those who do not know you and do not thank you. What can I not, by the sacrifice of my life, obtain that all know you, love you and honor you in this sacrament of love, and prevent the irreverences and sacrileges which are committed! I love you, O my Jesus, and I desire to love you and to receive you with the love, the purity and the feelings of your most holy Mother, with the love and the perfection of your very pure Heart itself! O beloved Spouse of my soul, produce in me, when you come there by holy communion, the effects for which you come to us, and make me die rather than receive you unworthily.
A Pater, an Ave Maria and a Gloria Patri.

I adore you, Eternal Spirit, and thank you for the infinite charity with which you have operated the ineffable mystery of the Incarnation; and by this immense love with which you have formed, from the purest blood of the Virgin Maria, the most holy Body of Jesus, which is the nourishment of my soul in the Blessed Sacrament, I beg you to enlighten my intelligence, to purify my heart and the hearts of all men, that we may appreciate this immense blessing of your love, and that we may receive with dignity the Most Blessed Sacrament.
A Pater, an Ave Maria and a Gloria Patri.



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Cette prière en Français | Esta oración en Español | Dieses Gebet auf Deutsch | Esta oração em português

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Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost is the third person of the Trinity. His action is in perfect unity with the Father (GOD) and the Son (Jesus Christ). When we are in a state where we deserve to receive Him, He enlightens us, guides us, protects us from all dangers (spiritual and physical).



In the Bible, several symbols are used to designate the Holy Spirit: breath that makes you breathe; wind that pushes you out; oil that gives strength to athletes; fire that warms and purifies; dove that descends from heaven.


We can pray to the Holy Spirit to implore his gifts which are :

  • Wisdom: it makes us taste the presence of God, in a greater companionship with him, and a greater missionary dynamism. It is the contemplative gift par excellence.
  • Intelligence: it helps us to enter into the mystery of God, to understand the faith and the Scriptures from within, and to distinguish error from truth. Through this gift, every Christian can become an authentic theologian.
  • Science: it allows us to recognise God at work in nature and in history, to receive the world as a gift from God. It gives a sense of the precariousness of the universe.
  • Strength: it gives perseverance in times of trial, the courage to bear witness. It supports the martyrs, but also helps in the day-to-day fulfilment of one's duties as a state and in the spiritual struggle. It is the heroism of lowliness.
  • Counsel: this is the gift of spiritual discernment. It adjusts what to do or avoid, to say or not to say. It enables us to see clearly in ourselves and in others.
  • Piety: it allows us to experience God's fatherhood, his closeness, his tenderness. It gives us the confidence of a child. It also brings us close to others.
  • Fear: this is not the fear of God but the sense of his greatness. Awareness of the infinite distance between the Almighty and us, his creatures. This gift gives rise to an attitude of humility and wonder.



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