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Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua for the necessities of life

Updated : Tue 13 Dec 2022 AM (UTC +1)

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Friendship money Wellness Luck Self-confidence Protection Success
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+ Patron saint of those who entrust themselves to you, Great Saint Anthony of Padua, I come to ask, not for abundance, not also for poverty,



fearing that one will lead me to vanity, the other to impatience, sorrow and despair; but I ask you for an honest sufficiency of the things necessary to sustain my life (and that of my family).
I am composed of body and soul: the body needs food and clothing; grace is necessary for the soul to live in spirit and serve God who is Spirit; both are exposed to many infirmities .
Father of the poor, help me and deliver me from everything that can harm me in either one or the other.
So be it!

An "Our Father"



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Cette prière en Français | Esta oración en Español |

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As has been the case since the dawn of time and especially in our time, true friendship is not the most common thing. Most people seek friendship with people through whom they can regularly profit. Their brains are eternal calculators, always on the move. They usually go to others with dirty words but full of malice. As long as they take advantage of you, they are with you. As soon as they can no longer take advantage of you in one way or another, either because you no longer have what they want or because you have discovered their evil designs, they turn against you.



Who doesn't know the expression "A friend in need is a friend indeed"? When you have a true friend, you can be sure that you have someone to rely on.

A true friendship is sincere. It does not make calculations. They are always available and even willing to sacrifice themselves for you if necessary. A true friend is a rare find. And it is a grace for those who have found one. gathers, through the keyword "friendship", prayers to be made regularly to ask God for the grace of having true friends. Above all, be very patient, because there are malicious and pernicious people who come like lambs and who know very well how to play their game, as long as you trust them and they take advantage of it to harm you.

Pray and wait patiently for the Holy Spirit to reveal to you in his own time, the true nature, the essence of what animates the people you meet.


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Money as currency is an ambiguous reality. Opinions differ on its importance. But it is nonetheless of some importance in our present day and age for life. Since it is used in trade, in the purchase of goods, services and products that contribute to our development and happiness.

Whatever use (positive or negative) some people may make of it, we offer you prayers to help you earn money honestly. God's answer is always there, sometimes not in the way we expect.



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Well-being is what every human being naturally aspires to. The satisfaction of achieving the level of physical, psychological, social and spiritual balance that allows us to live a happy and fulfilling life is a permanent quest.



There are many obstacles to achieving well-being. Poverty, which prevents us from having our daily bread or a healthy diet, lack of regular physical activity, stress due to the vagaries of life, poor hygiene and tumultuous social relationships are all factors that hinder well-being.

To achieve and maintain permanent well-being, it is important to find a balance between work, rest and entertainment, and to engage in regular activities that involve well-being and personal development. 

Spirituality is also a very important way to help achieve and maintain permanent well-being. That is why we offer prayers on this subject to help you achieve permanent well-being.


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When you are lucky, things usually work out in the sense that you are more successful. You always arrive at the right time to benefit from this or that thing or situation. You meet the right people on your way. Generally speaking, you attract the right people, the right events...




It is true that there are people who are naturally born lucky. However, it also happens that bad people steal or turn this luck into bad luck.


How to attract luck?

Whether one is a believer or not, luck comes from the Most High. It is He who gives to those who ask for it, in one way or another. Our inner ways of being and doing play a big part in everything that happens to us.

There is an adage that says "If you draw the devil on the wall, he appears in your house".


If you want to attract luck to you, the work to be done starts within you. Learn to think positive first. When you pray, for example, really think about getting what you ask for. Believe. Have faith.


If you are experiencing repeated situations where you feel you are unlucky, offers prayers (psalms and other prayers) to enable you to ask the God-above-all to grant you luck in your projects or endeavours.

Think you have it and you will have it!


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Self-confidence is a fundamental element for success in everything we do. Having self-confidence allows you to face up to things, to assert yourself. When we have self-confidence, we transform our fears into positive energy.



Several prayers are gathered here on to allow you to ask the Almighty to give the grace to obtain self-confidence.


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Protective prayers are prayers that aim to protect from the action of the forces of evil, as the name suggests. The minions of the evil one and all their spawn spend all their time attacking the children of God. By praying regularly for divine protection, you place yourself under the protection of the Most High, the One who is above all, the One before whom every knee bends. Thus, by praying the prayers of protection, God annihilates for you, in one way or another, all the attacks of malevolent forces.



By using God's power to protect you, you can embark on your endeavours with confidence that you will succeed, because God will deal with the negative forces that would try to harm you.

We all know the adage that says "the enemy never sleeps". gathers through the keyword protection, all the prayers of protection which can be useful for you for this or that situation of the life.

With these prayers, have recourse with assurance to the protection of the Almighty who will strike down all entities that would try to obstruct your projects and your undertakings.


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We all seek success in everything we do. Whether it is in our studies, our career, our relationships with others or life in society in general, success is for many the key to happiness. The road to success has never been without obstacles, pitfalls and difficulties.



The obstacles that can stand between us and success can be diverse. They may be natural or they may emanate from the malicious will of some equally malicious individual.

It is therefore important for believers to implore, to seek divine help in order to counteract the action of malevolent forces that would try to prevent the attainment of the goals of success.

Excel in your efforts, but first pray for the support of the Most High who always accompanies any success. gathers, through the keyword success, all the useful prayers that will inspire you to address the Lord God who inevitably leads... to success.


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