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Request for blessing and act of surrender to God

Updated : Sat 13 Nov 2021 AM (UTC +1)

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Lord Jesus, may your blessings, peace and joy come upon me! Come, Lord Jesus, by your Holy Spirit establish your lordship over all my being and, strip me of the hold of my human feelings, of pride, of vanity, of all that could stand in the way of action. of your Holy Spirit.



But in return, Lord Jesus, come and invade me with your Spirit of humility, your Spirit of holiness, your Spirit of love so that I can love with total love, with the love of a child.

I withdraw before You, Lord Jesus and I want to give up all the space to you because I humbly recognize that You are the Only liberator, always with the power of your Holy Spirit and freely, out of Love, because You are Love.

Merciful Jesus, I trust in You and I am now all yours and forever. Glory to You, Lord!




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Cette prière en Français | Esta oración en Español |

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