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Prayer to Saint Solange for the sick and in times of great drought

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As a shepherdess, she tended her flock, praying to God. Saint Solange died a victim of her chastity, strangled by a brute.
Saint Solange is invoked in times of great drought. The sick trust in her intercession. She is particularly honoured in Berry, of which she is the patron saint.


O God, who fills us with graces through the annual celebration of the feast of your Blessed Martyrdom, please let the love of your saints penetrate our hearts, let us become their imitators and commend ourselves to them in all the trials of our lives and in all the favours we need. We pray to you through Our Lord Jesus Christ. So be it.



Saint Solange, hope of all those who suffer, and Blessed Advocate for a favourable time, pray for us.

Lord Jesus Christ, who is the foundation and head of your holy Catholic Church, by your precious blood, by your holy wounds, by your painful passion and death on the cross, who redeemed mankind and founded the holy Catholic Church, your visible kingdom on earth! Deign, I beseech you, to preserve and elevate it; humble all those who persecute or fight against it; bring them back into the bosom of your fold and grant to all the members of your holy Church the grace to persevere until their death in true faith, in charity, and in the practice of all the virtues. So be it.



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