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Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua for the necessities of life

Updated : Saturday 13 November 2021 at 08:56 (UTC +1) Cette prière en Français | Esta oración en Español

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+ Patron saint of those who entrust themselves to you, Great Saint Anthony of Padua, I come to ask, not for abundance, not also for poverty,



fearing that one will lead me to vanity, the other to impatience, sorrow and despair; but I ask you for an honest sufficiency of the things necessary to sustain my life (and that of my family).
I am composed of body and soul: the body needs food and clothing; grace is necessary for the soul to live in spirit and serve God who is Spirit; both are exposed to many infirmities .
Father of the poor, help me and deliver me from everything that can harm me in either one or the other.
So be it!

An "Our Father"



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Cette prière en Français | Esta oración en Español





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prière de protection







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